Welcome to my travel blog about New Zealand breweries! My name is Ross Walton, and I’d love to share with you my adventures and experiences visiting various breweries in this amazing country.

New Zealand is a true mecca for beer drinkers. Here you can find many breweries where their own craft brewers create unique beers using local ingredients and taking into account the peculiarities of this unique country.

My journey began in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington. The city is famous for its iconic beer community and is even called the “beer capital.” In the Cubs area, you’ll find plenty of beer bars and stores offering a wide variety of beers from around the world. But the main discovery for me was the local breweries.

One of my favorite breweries in Wellington was Garage Project. This brewery is known for its experimental approach to beer. Here you will find bold and unusual flavors such as beers with added fruit or spices. Every time I visited Garage Project, I experienced a new taste experience that I will never forget.

The next stop on my journey was Moa Brewery in the Marlborough region. Here I was introduced to a unique beer making process. Moa uses the “champagne method,” which gives the beer a special sparkle and elegance. Their pale ales and dark lagers have become my favorites.

To conclude my journey through New Zealand’s breweries, I visited the Tuatara Brewing Company in Kapiti. Tuatara is an option where modern technology is combined with traditional beer making methods. Their selection includes classic beers such as pilsner and porter, as well as experimental and seasonal options. I was impressed with their creativity and dedication to quality.

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand and are a beer lover, I highly recommend including a visit to the breweries in your trip. It’s an amazing way to get to know the country through its beer culture and enjoy the unparalleled flavors and aromas that this unique part of the world has to offer. Have a great trip and a real beer experience in New Zealand!