Renaissance Brewing, an award-winning New Zealand craft beer producer, is located in the heart of Marlborough wine country at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. The goal is to produce beers that rival our grape-based relatives. They produce the finest premium ales that enlighten the palate and excite the senses. They are committed to using local ingredients and are one of the pioneers of craft brewing in New Zealand. Their beers perfectly showcase New Zealand hops and malt in a variety of British, American and European styles.

Renaissance Brewing’s low-alcohol craft beer, Empathy Pale Ale, was recently recognized as the best low-strength beer in New Zealand by Consumer NZ. Brewed by the award-winning Renaissance Brewery in Marlborough, Empathy is light at 2.4% ABV but doesn’t compromise on flavor, as it uses the same amount of hops as a beer that is twice as strong.

This hop hit helps to give the beer plenty of flavor and staying power, and has quickly become the choice for establishments looking to replace their flavorless low-strength beers with craft beers. For more information, please contact Renaissance Brewing’s sales team.