Tuatara, one of the largest craft breweries in New Zealand, was founded in 2000 in Paraparaumu on the North Island of New Zealand. In 2016, it produced over 2 million liters of beer.

Over the past two years, the brewery has focused on innovation, increasing brewing capacity and entering international markets.

Karl Vasta, founder of Tuatara, says the decision to join DB Breweries was “not taken lightly” but will allow the company to move to the next level. DB offers more resources to help introduce Tuatara and New Zealand craft beer to a wider national and international audience, he added.

“Visiting this taproom is a great opportunity to mingle with our award-winning brewers who frequent the licensed area to do all important ‘quality control’; it’s a contractual obligation – honest!

Everyone is welcome here, from beer connoisseurs engaged in rigorous tasting to work groups stopping by after work for a pint or two. Visit us and try our extremely fresh beer selection and maybe even grab a bite to eat – pizza is available throughout the Tap Room menu.

You can also take a little Tuatara home with you! Beer is sold here in individual bottles, 6-packs and in bottles from 1 liter to 2.85 liters. Feel free to bring your own bottle to fill, provided it has an obvious or marked volume.